DIY Hanging Wall Air Plant

June 18, 2019

DIY Hanging Wall Air Plant

What you’ll need:

    A selection of air plants (or succulents if opting for the bonus option, see below)
    one (1) piece of birchwood
    power drill with hole saw attachments
    fishing wire (or any type of thin wire)
    picture frame hanging tools

Step 1: Drill holes into birchwood. Stick to around 2-3 holes.

 Step 2: Pick which air plants you want to use and place in the drilled holes.


Step 3: Wrap wire around the air plants and secure on the back of the birchwood. Cut off any excess wire.

Step 4: Add in other air plants; some won’t require wiring.

Step 5: Secure smaller airplants with just wire (we were able to do this directly on the birchwood).

Step 6: Drill picture frame hooks to the back of the birchwood.

Step 7: Hang!


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