DIY Terrarium: Create a Mini Landscape in 6 Steps

June 19, 2019

DIY Terrarium: Create a Mini Landscape in 6 Steps

A well-constructed terrarium lets you enjoy the visual aesthetic of a beautiful garden without needing much space or maintenance. These fuss-free, oxygen-boosting beauties are easy to create and can be crafted to complement any decor style. Give this DIY creation as a hostess gift, or use it as your latest accent table accessory or entryway console table statement piece—and don’t forget to insert a little bit of your own personality and flair into your terrarium creation!

Step 1: Gather your materials. Wide-mouth glass vessels or large jars with removable lids let you easily work with and move materials as needed. There are so many materials to pick from: rocks, charcoal, potting soil, sand, succulents, small plants, and moss, to name a few. For this project, we chose crystals, twigs and smooth dark rocks to complement the greenery.

Step 2: Place the rocks at the bottom of the vessel for drainage. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the vessel, the thicker the rock layer. You’ll want to leave enough space at the top of the vessel so the terrarium looks spacious and not cramped.

Step 3: Add a layer of charcoal to absorb moisture and excess water. The charcoal layer also helps to keep plants from rotting.

Step 4: Layer the potting soil deep enough to cover the plant roots.

Step 5: Start adding plants! Begin with larger succulents and then tuck smaller ones in to fill in the gaps. We found using chopsticks to be very handy for maneuvering plants into place.

 Step 6: Add decorative accents. We kept it natural with moss, geodes and pretty sea glass.

A few helpful tips:

• Never place a terrarium in direct sunlight.
• Do not over water your terrarium. If heavy condensation develops on the glass, uncover the terrarium for a while and wipe down the glass.
• If plants need more watering they will start to droop; this is your visual cue to water your terrarium.

Step back and enjoy your creation!

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